Discover the intelligence of plantkind to feed and protect humankind.

Mineral is developing new tools to help humanity feed the world while saving the planet. And we're letting nature show us how it's done.

Our technology sees plants in a whole new light—bringing sustainable agriculture to life around the world

Join us as we reimagine food production by turning a world’s worth of agricultural data into new understanding.

The Challenge

The stakes couldn't be higher.

If humanity doesn’t change how we produce food, then by 2050, feeding the population will clear most of the world’s remaining forests and push the earth’s temperature past its 2 degree Celsius warming limit.

The stakes couldn't be higher, but we're optimists. And we're working relentlessly to enable every farmer, researcher, crop breeder, and advisor to overcome the challenges they face, and build a more productive and resilient food system - together.

It all started with a few ideas, 2 bikes and a phone

Our Approach

Invention with good intention

We're engineering breakthroughs in perception technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to lead to new understandings—so our generation can be the one that provides for generations to come.

Organizing the world's agricultural data, to drive sustainability

Revealing the big picture through the tiniest of details

Bringing the world together to feed–and save–the planet

Always reimagining what’s possible to generate new knowledge

Building on generations of knowledge and intuition


Co-creating the future of agriculture

We’re on a mission to bring the agriculture industry together. To solve the world’s toughest challenges. To consistently surface new insights to create actionable understanding. Together, with our partners, we are:

  1. Increasing the precision, efficiency and effectiveness of agriculture practices, like finding ways to target yield-limiting weeds
  2. Accelerating crop trials through the automation of field phenotyping and implementation of knowledge from modeling partner data sets to drive a new way of thinking
  3. Forecasting and understanding the drivers of yield faster, and more precisely
  4. Providing back-end infrastructure and leveraging expansive datasets to power the next generation of farmer-facing platforms

Partner with us

*Source: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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