Reimagining food production by turning a world’s worth of agricultural data into insights.


How do we increase farmland productivity, sustainably?

We’re building tools to see nature, food production and our planet—in a completely new light.


A new way of seeing the world

At Mineral, we’re naturally curious (we started at X, after all). It’s who we’ve always been. And why we started asking questions in the first place:

Can we produce more food while using less of the earth’s resources?

How can we adapt to the rapidly changing climate to improve crop resilience?

Is there an opportunity to improve biodiversity in a productive way to heal the planet?

Our interest only intensified as we dialed into major happenings in our world, like:

  1. The increasing importance of agriculture’s role in the climate crisis and a sense of urgency to act.
  2. Breakthroughs in ML, AI and machine perception.
  3. How agriculture’s rapid digitization is producing overwhelming amounts of data, but very few actionable insights.

What followed were a series of imaginative experiments. We prototyped. And learned. And iterated. And then we did it all over again.


Feeding the world. Providing new understanding.

Where can you go for best-in-class research and generalized plant perception? Nowhere yet. But we’re well on our way to becoming the resource for crop health, sustainability and know-how for agriculture’s next leap forward.

At Mineral, we’re showing how technology can change how we perceive and protect plantkind. So we have a better shot at feeding humankind.

Decoding the complexity of plant data

We can now measure plant features that were previously impossible, opening up to a whole new world of understanding.

Partnering with other experts to solve agriculture

We enable innovation and transformation across the food supply chain for the betterment of humankind.

Pushing the bounds of possibilities

We’re continually pursuing the unknown with the end goal of giving each farmer insights that help them make better decisions.