Our technology embraces the complexity of nature, unlocking plant secrets so the world can reimagine sustainable food production.

At Mineral, we are unearthing the secrets of plantkind and sharing them with humankind and businesses across the ag value chain. Learn more through our blogs, case studies, research and webinars.

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A fresh crop of ideas

Our team of experts in AI and ML, combined with our forward thinkers in agriculture, are fostering new understanding of a more sustainable future. If you want to know where agriculture is heading, dig in.

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Teal Wheat

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Agriculture: Our wisest pursuit

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Towards horizontal agriculture

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M is for Mineral

Case Studies

Mineral in the field

We’re not just thinkers, we’re doers. We’re working with partners across the food production system, using new ways of knowing to find new ways of growing, so we can better nourish people and the planet.

Strawberry on vine


How Driscoll’s is embracing machine learning to build an even better berry

Nobody knows berry-growing better than the brains at Driscoll’s. To stay ahead, they needed a partner who could expand on their expertise with the growing potential of AI and ML. Enter Mineral.

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Discovering new knowledge

We’re reimagininging food production and innovating in AI and machine learning along the way. Check out the nuts and bolts of our tech, with the latest from our engineers and researchers.

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